Too Many Choices…

One thing that frustrates me when shopping for dental products is the abundance of choices. Our patients often ask what products are best, so we wanted to share our recommendations with you. TOOTHBRUSH When choosing a toothbrush the one word that should come to your mind is “Sonicare”. We definitely believe this is the best… Read more »

What’s a DIAGNOdent?

X-rays are a great tool for diagnosing decay. However,  x-rays are a 2-dimensional image of a 3 dimensional object  and don’t show decay on the biting surfaces of teeth clearly. There are occasions where there is a suspicious area on a tooth that doesn’t show up in the x-rays and is visually difficult to diagnose…. Read more »

Why is fluoride important?

We recommend fluoride to all of our patients, but we often hear this question…..Why is fluoride important?

Why is my mouth so dry?

Have you ever used any of these words to describe your mouth; cotton mouth, dry mouth, parched, or even Sahara desert? You’re not alone! Dry mouth is common for many adults and 20% of elderly people. The clinical term for dry mouth is xerostomia, but we’ll call it “dry mouth”. It’s not a disease but… Read more »

Navigating all the choices in the dental aisle.

Are all the choices in the dental aisle at the store overwhelming you? Margo will help you make the right choice.

What can you expect at your visit?

What’s a visit to Dr. Sheldon Sullivan’s office like? Jennifer gives you a tour.

Bernie’s life changed in just one day!

For most of his life, Bernie loved to be among people, enjoying the energy of a crowd. But when life turned on a dime and his dental health faltered, losing one tooth after another, he no longer sought out the people who gave him so much joy. Instead he kept to himself, fearing his own… Read more »

Think Dental Care is too expensive? It’s all about Priorities.

Many of our Mesa patients have dental insurance, some don’t, either way dental care may seem like it’s a major cost in our budget. That may be true for a few, but for the majority of Mesa patients who have an average income, dental care can be very affordable. It’s all about priorities and discretionary… Read more »

Choosing a toothpaste…

How do you know what toothpaste is best for you? In this video segment, Margo shares some tips on choosing the best one. 

How do I choose a toothbrush?

We’re going to be adding a new series of videos to our website, Facebook and other pages. We just added the first one today. How many times have you gone to the store to get a new toothbrush and feel overwhelmed by all the choices? At Dr. Sullivan’s office we recommend an electric toothbrush. Brittany explains… Read more »