Snoring is a common symptom of sleep apnea, but is not necessarily indicative of the condition. In fact, about twice as many people snore as have sleep apnea. Regardless of its cause, however, snoring can greatly disrupt a patient’s quality of life and should be taken seriously.

Snoring has a variety of causes. The most common is the vibration of soft tissues in the mouth (including the tongue, uvula, and tonsils) as a result of airway restriction. Sleep position and conditions such as illness also play a role. If you or your partner snore regularly, it is important to determine the cause. Begin by altering your sleep position. Snoring is more common on the back. You may also be chronically congested due to environmental allergies or other causes. Resolving your congestion may also help your snoring.

If snoring persists, it may be an indication that you are also living with sleep apnea. Since both conditions stem from airway restriction due to soft tissue, it is quite common for them to be present together. Fortunately, treating the cause of your sleep apnea typically improves your snoring symptoms as well.

Snoring–whether yours or your partner’s– isn’t something you have to live with. Our experienced dentists can provide customized, effect treatments that allow you to get your restful sleep back. Please call Artistry in Dentistry at 480-374-5562 today to learn more and snoring and sleep apnea treatment in Gilbert, Arizona. Dr. Sullivan and Dr. Monahan are looking forward to your visit!

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