TMD (temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome), also referred to as TMJ, is a disorder relating to painful and sore jaw joint and muscles. TMD is a complex condition, and many doctors do not fully understand its causes; however, there are a variety of treatments available to those who suffer from the symptoms of TMD.

Your temporomandibular joints are on each side of your head, connecting your lower jaw bone to the rest of your head. These joints are connected by a series of muscles and ligaments, and they make it possible for you to chew, yawn, and speak. When your temporomandibular joints do not work properly, or when they become overworked, they become sore and tired. The pain associated with this is what we call TMD.

The exact cause of TMD is unknown, but there are several factors that can lead to worn-down and sore jaw joints. Some of the most commonly known causes include:

  • Bruxism (clenching and grinding of the teeth)
  • Tightening facial muscles, often as a result of stress
  • Dislocated disc in the TM joint, or other head, neck, or jaw injuries
  • Arthritis in the TM joints

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